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Anonymous asked:

I've just noticed something - HOW ARE YOU EVEN COMMUNICATING WITH US, THE INTERWEBS? I mean, do you have a tiny laptop or something?

Yes I do, actually. The reason you never noticed it before is because when I’m not using it I keep it hidden under a lampshade.

brother-prickle asked:

What's the difference between a prokaryote and a eukaryote? And what did they evolve from?

I don’t know what a eukaryote is (yet). Spoiler alert: Maybe it’s something that will evolve from a prokaryote in the distant future? But prokaryotes are pretty successful right now, so I’m sure they’ll still be able to compete with whatever new random developments appear.

 I haven’t seen any critters that prokaryotes might have evolved from, but I’m not even sure if their origins could be strictly described as evolutionary in a biological sense if they perhaps arose from conditions that could be better described with chemistry rather than biology. Oh but listen to me babble on about this strange stuff that I’m not even sure about! You may find that Wikipedia generally has better answers than a brainless lump of sediments and single-celled organisms does. ^_^;

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